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The Ballerina Management Institute Trust (BMIT) Pune, was started in 1997 by Mrs.Ratna Joshi to find solutions to the issues affecting the urban and rural poor, with a special focus on children and education. We work in and around Pune, India, especially in rural and tribal areas.
Ballerina Management institute (BMI Trust) has been granted SPECIAL CONSULTATIVE STATUS with the UNITED NATIONS ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL (ECOSOC)

Project - Doordrusti


Doordrusti !

Since our establishment in 2006, BMI Trust India(Ballerina Management Institute) has been promoting the various rural issues and through its projects, Doordrishti , Swapnapurti and Swapnashrishti.

Doordrishti – VISION 

  1. We have taken up issues pertaining particularly to rural women with a committed, uncompromising and supportive approach. We provide counseling and educate them with the help of enterprise and long term result oriented training programs.
    In our work most important thing is empathy you need to try to understand what the person you help needs, we just can’t talk about health , hygiene and importance of education to a women who is preoccupied by the thought of the next meal to her family.
    Doordrishti Program of BMI Trust has conducted programs of awareness, training and guidance on the following since 2006:

    • Educating the rural women on the importance of women first.
    • Awareness camps on climate changes and its effects.
    • Enhancing the role of women in the protection of bio diversity, food and water resources.
    • Women’s right and empowerment.
    • Gender equality through street plays, poster competitions and awareness camps.
    • Sustainable development – through lectures and seminars by expertise
    • Trainings conducted for masses on gender to counter and address to the issues based on violence / women’s literacy and empowerment.
    • Teachers and women folk of the rural area combine counseling and training for the better tomorrow.
    • Awareness camps on the monitory literacy and understanding the gist’s of micro financing.
    • Reaching out to women in the distress and offering emotional and legal support.
    • Formation of women’s self help groups and helping them to make saving a habit.
    • Free family counseling centers and 24/7 counseling available to prevent domestic violence
    • Training program for capacity buildings for women like soft skill development, parenting skill and awareness about the environmental issues.
    • Research and survey on the regular basis on impact of conflicts in the lives of women in the region through documentation.
    • Regular awareness camps and training camps conducted for the masses on the gender to counter and address the issues based on violence, women’s literacy empowerment.
    • Enhancing the role of women in the protection of biodiversity, food and water resources.                                                       
    • Have trained more than 1,50,000 women for environment, microfinance, domestic violence, adult women education, importance of biodiversity.etc.
    • Help centers and 24/7. Help available for destitute, widows, aged and women.
    • Rallies and awareness camps on anti drug and alcohol as these substances perpetuate violence against women.
    • Providing free computer training for women and girls.
    • Regular awareness camps and training camps for the up liftment of the rural and tribal women.
    • Small enterprising skill training program – in order to make the women financially independent. Biscuits, muffin making, chocolate making, candle making, cloth bags, paper bags from recycling materials, spice making, small decorative handicraft items.

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Charity Projects

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